Care & Policy

Basic Tattoo Care

Here are the basic ideal ways to care for your tattoo. These are elementary things that go a long, long way to making sure the work you pay for stays excellent.

  • Remove bandage between 1-5 hours after finishing your tattoo.
  • Wash tattoo with soap, warm water, and fingertips only immediately after removing the bandage. (No washcloths/loofas)
  • Rinse, clean, and pat dry with a clean bath or paper towel.
  • LET THE TATTOO DRY OUT! Oxygen will help the wound close and recover quickly.
  • Wash three times daily for the first 2-3 days. Switch to once a day in the shower after day 3.
  • When the tattoo is itchy, tight, or uncomfortable from being dried out, apply a thin layer of unscented moisturizing lotion to alleviate the discomfort. (Lotion is for comfort only, not a necessity to the healing process)
  • Do not soak or pick at your tattoo. Avoid prolonged, direct sunlight and voluntary profuse sweating for ten days-2 weeks.
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  • All people are welcome.
  • You must be over the age of 18 to get tattooed.
  • All sales are final.
  • All deposits are non-refundable.
  • Cash only for tattoos, deposits, and gift certificates.
  • Free touch-ups for any tattoo up to a year from the healing process.
  • There are no stupid questions; we are here to help.
  • Email or call us for any and all inquiries.

Second Skin Aftercare

After your artist has applied the second skin bandage, your goal should be to wear it through the first two nights.

If the plasma and ink pigment that collects inside your bandage doesn’t escape the perimeter, then you are good to go until the second morning you wake up wearing it. If the fluid starts to escape the bandage prematurely, then it is best to remove the first application, wash the tattoo and dry it, then apply the second bandage 30 mins later, to clean dry skin(no lotion or ointment). If the fluid can escape, then germs can enter, and the bandage is compromised.

In the best case scenario, you will wake up on the second morning and remove your bandage. The best way to remove it, is to gently pull back away from whichever corner you can get the best hold of. Remove the bandage slowly and steadily, and try not to pull out, off the skin.

Once you have removed the first application, wash your tattoo with warm water, and soap (bar soap is less irritating than liquid soap or body wash), and your finger tips only. Never use a loofa or wash cloth on the fresh tattoo. After you rinse the wound clean, pat it dry with a clean bath towel or paper towel. Then allow approximately 20 minutes for the skin to air dry.

Once the skin is dry, apply the second application by removing the paper first, and pushing the bandage onto the skin, from the center out, to avoid air bubbles or wrinkles. Then break the crack in the blue line, and peel the grid layer off from the center out. Once the grid layer is removed, push down from the center out to seal the perimeter of the bandage to the skin. It’s ok if there are air bubbles or wrinkles, as long as the perimeter of the bandage is sealed well the the skin, and the tattoo is protected from the elements.

Wear the second bandage for 4 to 5 more days and the tattoo should be mostly healed by the time you remove the second application. If it feels dry or tight afterwards, apply lotion for comfort.

Pay attention to any redness on the edges from the bandage pulling when your body moves. If you see trauma developing on the edge of the bandage, you can roll it back a few millimeters to change the exact location of the pulling trauma.

If you feel like you’re experiencing a rash or allergic reaction to the adhesive, remove the bandage immediately, wash the tattoo, and revert to the old fashioned way of healing a tattoo also listed on the website.